1. There are four age categories for the competition:                         

  • Category A: ages 10 and under

  • Category B: ages 11 - 13

  • Category C: ages 14 - 16

  • Category D: ages 17 - 21

2. The non-refundable application fees are as follow (excluding bank transfer fees): 

  • Category A: €60

  • Category B: €70

  • Category C: €80

  • Category D: €90


1. For the semi-finals on Saturday 14th December 2019 and for the finals on Sunday 15th December 2019, a free program can be chosen for Category A & B applicants (to be filled out in the online application): However applicants from Categories C & D must include at least one movement from a “Viennese Classic” composer (Haydn, Mozart, or Beethoven) in either their semi-final or finals program.

2. It is not obligatory but recommended to include at least one piece written by a Belgian composer in the semi-final or the final round. A list of Belgian composers can be found here.

3. It is recommended to play the program from memory.

4. It is NOT possible to change the program after submission.

5. A copy of your program (Urtext or original editions as preferred by the jury) must be scanned and sent to for the jury before 7th December 2019.

6. Time limitations for the semi-finals are: 

  • Category C: maximum 10 mins

  • Category D: maximum 15 mins

Please note that there will be only one round for Categories A & B.

7.  Time limitations for the finals are: 

  • Category A: maximum 10 mins

  • Category B: maximum 12 mins

  • Category C: maximum 15 mins

  • Category D: maximum 30 mins


1. The following prizes will be awarded to the winners of each respective category:

  • Category A: €100 for 1st prize; €50 for 2nd prize; 1 x masterclass with Philippe Raskin for 3rd prize

  • Category B: €200 for 1st prize; €80 for 2nd prize; 1 x masterclass with Philippe Raskin for 3rd prize

  • Category C: €300 for 1st prize; €100 for 2nd prize; 1 x masterclass with Philippe Raskin for 3rd prize

  • Category D: €1000 for 1st prize; €250 for 2nd prize; 1 x masterclass with Philippe Raskin for 3rd prize

2. The jury will select the “César Franck International Piano Competition Prize” between the winners in each category.

3. The audience will select the "Public Prize" from the final round of Category D. 

4. The winner of the "César Franck International Piano Competition Prize" will be offered the opportunity to perform at the discretion of the jury in at least 2 concerts such as in Milan (Italy) in the following concert season, as part of an exchange with "Piano Talents" Milan and/or as part of a concert organized by Philippe Raskin in Belgium/France during the coming year (2020).


1. The 7th César Franck International Piano Competition is open to pianists of all nationalities aged 21 or less at the time of the competition (13th - 17th December 2019).

2. Applicants must complete the César Franck International Piano Competition online application form and upload the following files no later than 15th November 2019:

  • CV (in English, French, German or Dutch)

  • a recent digital photo (in high resolution, max 2MB)

  • a copy of the candidate’s passport

  • a passport scan of the parent/supervising adult if

  • the applicant is under 18 years of age

  • proof of payment (scan of bank transfer details)

3. The first 50 candidates will receive an invitation for the final registration of their candidacy before 15th November 2019 through the email address they have submitted in their application form. Due to organizing restrictions, candidates who are not among the first 50 candidates will, unfortunately, not be granted admission.

4. The application will close either after the receiving the first 50 applications or reaching the deadline. If before the deadline and the application is closed after the first 50 applications, you can email us at if you would like to be on the waiting list if there is a cancellation.

5. A candidacy will only be confirmed after we have received you application fee.

6. All candidates must attend the registration, drawing and opening concert of the competition on Friday 13th December 2019. The exact time will be announced later on the CFIPC website and in the invitation.

7. A maximum of 5 participants from each category will be selected to perform in the finals. The final and exact number of participants selected is subject to the discretion of the jury.

8. The decision of the jury is final and will not be subjected to reviews or appeals.

9. All rounds are open to the public.

10. The organizers reserve the right to record all the performances during the competition, for use at their own discretion for radio and television broadcasts, or other purposes. Each candidate, upon submission of their application, will renounce all rights, fees and claims regarding such recordings, films and broadcasts.

11. For any dispute concerning the interpretation of the regulations, the reference will be made to the original Dutch text of the competition regulations.

12. All contestants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult who will carry full responsibility over the minor at all times during the competition period. If the adult is not the contestant’s parents, a permission note (signed) must be submitted by at least one of the parents with the application.

13. All travel costs such as tickets and visas, are to be carried out by the participant. The participants are solely responsible to apply for their own visa however an invitation letter will be available by the CFIPC upon request. Visa requirements are to be requested at the respective embassy or consulate.

14. Contestants are also responsible for their own accommodation costs. A list of possible accommodations near the premise of the competition will be included in the info package sent to each accepted candidate.

15. The competition will not be held responsible/liable for the consequences of any accidents or incidents involving the contestants beyond the standard insurance of participants being visitors of the competition venue (Community Centre De Lijsterbes).

16. It is advised to check the personal insurance of contestants and the accompanying adult in order to guarantee coverage of accidents and incidents outside the competition venue.

17. The name of the candidate’s teacher/professor will not be printed in the program for the jury.

18. If a candidate is studying with a member of the jury, this particular jury member will not be allowed to vote for their student.

19. Rules may be subject to change without notice.